Information for the handicapped

Is the Palladium wheelchair accessible?

The wheelchair accessible entrance is on the back side of the Palladium across the main entrance. Please contact our security staff at the entrance for assistance.

Is there a separate area for guests with wheelchairs?

There is a platform for wheelchairs in the main hall. Due to limited places please ask for theses tickets while you are purchasing the tickets.  Your companion can go along with you onto the platform.

Are there wheelchair accessible restrooms?

The wheelchair accessible restrooms are on the ground floor in the foyer. The restrooms are labeled accordingly. For any questions please ask our staff. they are alsways pleased to help.

Are there parking spaces near the Palladium?

Right on Schanzenstrasse in front of the Palladium are some public handicapped parking spaces. Other than that there are also some further down Schanzenstrasse on our private parking lot P1. From there it is about 100m to the Palladium.