The extraordinarily versatile offer of space is one of the strengths of the Palladium. Elegant Foyer, a huge main hall and a side hall – it’s up to you. The founding period on the outside, the modern and solid infrastructure for every Event. Promotions, product presentations, company fair, convention, conferences, seminars, company anniversary, concerts, ball, general meetings, carnival event and many more.

The Palladium got everything that turns your events into something special – for everyone you want to impress permanently: your customers, guests, visitors or your own employees. The Palladium – we provide the framework.


Space for 4000 People.

The Foyer – generous, versatile, adaptable.

The Foyer is so generous that it’s not just a suitable lobby but also a versatile room that can be used for all kind of events.

Optimal Infrastructure
eleven doors lead out of the main hall into the spacious cloakrooms and the outstanding restrooms – a small world on it´s own.

The Main Hall – impressive, with a gallery and a mobile stage.
Space for up to 4000 People and large stage settings. Heavy-weight suspending points, which make it possible, to even fly in a car.

The side-hall – combinable and independent.

The side-hall offers an additional 1.000m². Of course it’s possible to use the side hall separately. On a total area of 3.500m² you can host every kind of event.
Concerts or events like galas, balls, banquets, conventions, company fairs, product presentations, conferences, seminars, incentives and many more that we want to set the stage for and with you.

Main hall Palladium:

  • ground area 1.650m²
  • clearance height 10,20m
  • gable height 11,00m
  • clearance height underneath the gallery 4,50m
  • clearance height above standard stage (=1,50m) 7,30m/8m
  • 2 fixed bars

Main hall / gallery Palladium:

  • ground area 500m²
  • space for audience 384m²
  • 2 fixed bars

Side hall Palladium:

  • ground area 500m²
  • clearance height 6,00m
  • gable height 7,25m

Foyer Palladium:

  • ground area 630m²
  • space for audience 394m²
  • clearance height 4,80m
  • 1 fixed bar


Main hall incl. foyer and gallery::

  • up to 4.000 guests standing
  • up to 1.500 guests sitting – ale benches in rows
  • up to 1.332guests sitting – gala chairs in rows
  • up to 1.240 guests sitting – gala chairs, oblong tables
  • up to 960 guests sitting – gala chairs, round tables
  • up to 500 guests sitting - classroom style, oblong tables, gala chairs

Side hall:

  • up to 900 guests sitting – gala chairs in rows
  • up to 800 guests sitting – gala chairs, oblong tables
  • up to 600 guests – gala chairs, round tables
  • up to 500 guests sitting - classroom style, oblong tables, gala chairs

Additional rooms

Cloakroom / Restrooms Palladium:

  • the cloakroom in the basement holds up to 2.800 coats
  • restrooms  in the basement
  • wheelchair accessible restroom on the ground floor

Backstage area Palladium first floor:

  • 2 production offices with telephone and fax connection, Wifi
  • 4 artists dressing rooms incl. shower and bathroom, Wifi
  • catering kitchen with a little lounge