Fairs / Product Presentations

Fairs / Product Presentations 

Here you find a versatilely combinable fair and exhibition area.

Not only the Palladium offers a broad flexibility with its generous foyer, the great main hall and the connected side hall.

You can also expnad the area through the E-Werk with its 1.500m² across the street. 

We offer:

  • 2 combinable halls
  • a generous foyer
  • delivery paths at ground level
  • guidance and support with the organisation and planning
  • techical assistance
  • promotion
  • safety advice
  • professional service staff
  • gastronomic infrastructure which allows you to serve your guests according to your wishes
  • a cloakroom in the basement with adequate space for coats and bags
  • expansion of the space through the E-Werk 

abridgment of the references:

  • ADOBE Systems GmbH
  • EA Electronic Arts
  • Corporate Express
  • Cruise Life
  • SAP
  • Art Fair 2004

find more references here.